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Used Hot Tubs vs. New Spas- Great Deal or Hunk of Junk?

Used hot tubs are for sale everywhere. You can find them online, in the Thrifty Nickel, or you probably have an acquaintance who would love to sell you their old spa. Let’s face it, that 5 to 10 year old spa that is only $500-1,000 looks pretty tempting when compared to a $7-10,000 name brand […]

Swim Spa Reviews

Legitimate swim spa reviews are difficult to find online. However, we have put together some good information that will help you while shopping for a new swim spa. Use this buyer’s guide as you take a look at the various swim spa brands that are available. While public pools are easy to find, the inconvenience […]

Spa Blowout Sales

This info is provided as a general guide to help you understand how hot tub and swim spa expos typically work. Offering this free article is our way of helping to protect our friends and neighbors from falling victim to high pressure sales tactics from traveling spa gypsies. SPA BLOWOUT SALES ARE NOT WHAT YOU […]

3 Things Hot Tub Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

Hot Tub Dealers are happy to do whatever it takes to make a sale, but there are also 3 things hot tub dealers don’t want you to know. When you are shopping for a new spa, ask the salesperson these 3 questions and pay close attention to what they say. Better yet, make sure they […]