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Bullfrog Spas, the World’s Only Hot Tub with Patented JetPak Therapy that Allows Every Person to Customize Their Spa to Fit Their Needs

All Other Hot Tubs are Now Obsolete

Tired of seeing the same old Henderson hot tubs and their outdated technology?  Then make the short drive to Time Machine Hot Tubs in Longview and see spas built for the 21st Century.

Did you know that nearly all Henderson hot tubs have been made the same way since the 1980’s? First, an acrylic shell is formed and holes are drilled by hand. Hundreds of feet of plumbing lines are glued to jets. A wood frame is then constructed and a synthetic cabinet and equipment are added. Various layers of foam insulation are sprayed inside the cabinet and the unit is ready to send to the showroom. Simple cookie cutter spas from old-fashioned assembly lines, many of which are located in Mexico. Those hot tubs are attractive on the outside but built with cheap wood, cardboard, paper, glue, staples, and plywood on the inside. Spas made like that are not meant to last very long…and they don’t.

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Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% Less Plumbing and Drilled Holes in the Shell than Traditional Hot Tubs

The Problems with Conventional Hot Tubs

Wood Frames- Rot or get destroyed by termites and carpenter ants. They also have no warranty.

Open Bottoms- Rats and mice have easy access to the inside of the spa. Snakes love to eat rodents and hibernate inside the cabinet.

Plumbing- Hundreds of feet of it. Only half of the jets can run at full speed. In a 6-person spa, only 3 or 4 seats will work at any given time. Weak jet pressure.

Dozens of Holes Drilled in Spa Shell- Makes the spa more likely to develop leaks. A spa shell is supposed to be watertight, so fewer holes in the spa makes more sense.

The Best Hot Tub on the Market Today- Bullfrog Spas

Why Bullfrog Spas are Better than Henderson Hot Tubs

ABS Polymer EnduraFrame- Will not rot or deteriorate over time. Cannot be destroyed by termites or carpenter ants. Most models come with a Lifetime Warranty on the frame.

ABS Polymer EnduraBase- Completely sealed up and resistant to rats, mice, and snakes. Provides additional insulation. Allows more options for spa placement.

Plumbing- Approximately 90% less plumbing than Henderson hot tubs provide. Every jet can be operated at 100% capacity at once. More efficient, better hydrotherapy.

Few Holes Drilled in Spa Shell- Bullfrog Spas have less potential for leaks due to the unique design of our Patented JetPak Therapy .

What are JetPaks, You Ask?

Visit Time Machine Hot Tubs in Longview and See Our Bullfrog Spas in Person

We have over 20 Bullfrog Spa models available, each one can be customized to your specific needs. All other hot tubs are cookie cutter spas…what you see is what you get. Bullfrog Spas offers everything from a 2-person hot tub up to ones that will seat 8 adults. Would you like to own a spa with up to 266 jets? Purchase a Bullfrog Spa and it is possible! Bring your bathing suit and a towel, make the drive to Time Machine Hot Tubs in Longview, and take a test soak. The difference between our spas and Henderson hot tubs will make you a believer!

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