Spa Blowout Sales

Spa Blowout Sales info is provided as a general guide to help you understand how hot tub and swim spa expos typically work. Offering this free article is our way of helping to protect our friends and neighbors from falling victim to high pressure sales tactics from traveling spa gypsies.

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Spa blowout sales are not what you think they are

Every few months, local TV and radio will be blasting ads about Hot Tub and Swim Spa Blowout Sales Extravaganzas! Potential spa customers will be excited about having an opportunity to ‘see several top brands all competing for your business under one roof’. However, things are NOT what they may seem. Here is some spa blowout sales info which will hopefully help you understand what is actually going on:

There are NOT several top brands at the expo

There is ONE company that has several different brands but they are all from the same company. The hot tubs and swim spas come out of the same factory and the money all goes into the same pocket. TRUE spa blowout sales would have several local dealers participating and trying to earn your business. Sadly, there is only one dealer at these expos and they will pretend to ‘compete’ with themselves.

Shoppers will be dealing with out of town professional sales people

These high pressure professional hired guns only have 3 days to close a deal before they move on to the next expo in the next town. These spa gypsies will use every trick in the book, promise the sun and the moon, take your money, receive a large commission, and then never be seen again. Whatever special incentives were promised typically are just lip service. Get EVERYTHING in writing or suffer the consequences.  Do not give your money to someone that you will never see again!

Unrealistic pricing and ‘discounts’ are the name of the game

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Spa gypsies travel around the country promoting spa blowout sales and hot tub expos. Don’t give thousands of dollars to someone you will never see again!

Prices will be artificially inflated and then the ‘discounting’ begins. The regular prices at the expo are not the same prices you will see every day at the dealer’s showroom (if they even have a local showroom). Professional sales people and expos cost money, especially with all of the advertising and rental fees for the convention center. If a deal looks great at the expo, it will be even better if you go to the showroom and bypass the high commissioned salesperson. Expos are great for looking at products but a very poor place to purchase. Go to the show, check them out, then go home and do the research on the company and their hot tubs. These salespeople thrive on shoppers’ reluctance to miss out on a great deal. If the deal is great today, it will still be great a couple of weeks later.

NEVER buy a spa without actually trying it filled with water

All spas look great when you’re standing there looking at them or seeing them online or in a brochure. Everyone is different and there is no better way to find the perfect spa for you and your family than physically doing a test soak in a local showroom. You can’t do that at the expo. You CAN do a test soak at any reputable local dealer’s place of business.

If it sounds too good to be true….it is. Period

Don’t fall for shenanigans. Use your COMMON SENSE. Read what the Better Business Bureau says about these types of events:

BBB: Hot Tub and Spa Expos Could Leave You in Hot Water!

There are a lot of great local spa companies that have excellent products. Take a look at those, do the research, try them out, then go with the company that offers the best product, service, and value for your money. Spa shopping is fun…take your time and enjoy it 🙂