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Fall in Love with Your New Bullfrog Spa with Up to a $500 Rebate

If you are shopping for swim spas Longview, TX or the surrounding area, please take time to visit Time Machine Hot Tubs and see our wide selection of quality Hydropool Swim Spas.  We have models available in lengths of 12′, 14′, 16′, 17′, all the way up to a 19′ combination swim spa/hot tub.  There are endless pool models to choose from whether you are a professional swimmer, participate in triathlons, have a child that is on a swim team, or you just want a great way to maintain good health through swimming or low impact aerobics.

Exercising in a swim spa provides excellent cardio workouts, burns fat, and helps you lose weight without putting excess stress on your joints.  Many with arthritis find a swim spa to be therapeutic and helps to ease their pain and swelling while giving them relief from the stress of daily life.  Ask your doctor or chiropractor if an exercise pool would be beneficial for your health needs.


Time Machine Hot Tubs has the Most Variety of Swim Spas Longview has Available at One Store!

Swimming pools are beautiful, fun, and provide many years of enjoyment for the family.  However, they are also expensive, require a lot of maintenance, and most have a very limited number of months in which they can be used.  The great thing about our Hydropool Swim Spas Longview models are that they can be used YEAR round.  Every swimming exercise pool we offer has a built in heater along with insulation that keeps your electrical costs down.  Water maintenance is a breeze with our optional saltwater system that keeps your water crystal clear and safe for use.

Compared to a traditional or above ground swimming pool, our swim spas are the most affordable way to own a therapeutic swim spa in your own backyard.


Time Machine Hot Tubs is the fastest growing store in the East Texas spa market.  Chris Ogden and his team have created a professional, beautiful, and relaxing shopping experience when you visit our showroom.  We have a reputation with swim spas Longview customers know and trust.  Don’t fall for phony advertising that offer swim spas available for delivery to Longview from internet companies based in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, and even China.  NEVER buy a hot tub or swim spa without seeing it in person.  At Time Machine Hot Tubs, you can visit our store and actually swim in the best swim spas Longview has to offer.  We have a 14′ Hydropool AquaTrainer in stock that you can reserve for a test swim in complete privacy.  Just call our store at 903-405-3477 and schedule a time to try out these wonderful machines.

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Visit the Exclusive Health and Wellness Therapy Room at Time Machine Hot Tubs in Longview

We are open Monday-Saturday 10-6.  We are happy to meet you any other time if you will let us know you’re coming.